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Off Plan UK has a clear mission and staunch core values. We are the number one residential property investment provider in the United Kingdom to investors in all corners of the globe. Off Plan UK has a passion for the future and believe the UK property market is as a formed and solid investment as any residential market on the planet. With the number one real estate investment market in the world, London, coupled with regeneration projects underway in other UK powerhouse cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham no matter your budget or investment goals, Off Plan UK will be able to guide you through.

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The UK property market is so diverse and has so many investment aspects, each individual city, developer and development will come with its own propositions and cater to a different segment of the market. Off Plan UK uses statistics, previous data, forecasts and relationships to provide you with the most solid of foundations for you to make an informed and calculated decision.

We believe having the right knowledge partner for any property purchase is crucial and through our knowledge and expertise, our international property experts will be on-hand to provide assistance, every step of the way. Our relationships with the UK’s leading property developers has allowed us to offer the most extensive and in-depth property portfolio available to investors all over the world. Off Plan UK is part of the Off Plan Group and is the second instalment of international real estate from Samuel & Kimberley Dawson (Managing Directors) after the international and continued success of Off Plan Dubai Ltd.

– Populaiton Growth
– Rental Demand Increase
– Price Point
– Capital Appreciation
– Rental Yield
– Location
– Amenities
– Masterplan
– Detailed Investment Analysis
– Full Management Options for International Investors
– Supply & Demand

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